About me

Name is Pacien TRAN-GIRARD.

I am a grumpy computer science student currently living in Paris, France. I aim to change the world, modestly.

I enjoy reading, watching and criticising good works of fiction, but also happen to write mediocre and unpublishable ones.

For my PhD, I play with graphs and distributed systems, and write Monte Carlo proofs (in the sense that they may be wrong from time to time).

I also teach some basics at university: algorithmics, programming, software architecture, and database systems (relational and insufficiently relational).

I like tinkering on variably useful side projects in my spare time. Those which can be encoded as text can be found on pacien.org.

I used to design systems and build software in the corporate world, but I prefer doing open-source nowadays.

Contact details

Preferred means of communication:

I do not check my other inboxes and messaging accounts on a regular basis. When in doubt, you can simply send me an e-mail at the address given above.